When all your best memories are always associated to a board, and you have skateboarding to thank for all the friends you’ve made and places you’ve gone, and being able to experience that unique feeling of landing a trick or even just cruising around, you feel like it is time to give something back to skateboarding. This is the thought from which BD was born.


BDSKATECO is a company run by skaters who have been skating the most of their lives.We ended up creating a skateboard brand, BDskateboardCo, with a one very specific goal. Support what we love, skateboarding.
Throughout these years, that goal has guided our actions. Offering top quality skate products to help people to keep progressing, supporting skate contests and above all, supporting the local skateshops. Every action has the same meaning: skate, skate and skate.
As time went by, BD grew around this idea till becoming the evergrowing family we are today. A family formed by skaters of different Nationalities, ages, and different styles, but all sharing the same love for skateboarding.
BD is not only another skate brand, BD is our vision for skateboarding.